• StoryBrand Live Workshop

    2-day Intensive to get your messaging right

  • Writing Templates & Videos

    To help you write the core pages of your site

  • Direct Feedback & Coaching

    From copywriters/strategists that know your industry

The Words on Your Website Are...

  • The most important part
  • The most challenging part
  • The most expensive part

When you're redesigning your website, you have to get the words right, but what if you didn't have to pay an arm and a leg to do it?


"I always appreciate Matt's welcoming tone and depth of knowledge (and willingness to readily share it!).

-Heather Palmero | Kaizen CPAs

Who is this for?
And why are we doing this?

Accounting firm website redesigns tend to fail for three reasons:

  1. Most of the content is written by someone who doesn't understand the business or customer, so it's off-point.
  2. Content is copied from somewhere else without enough thought. Either copy/paste from the previous (bad) website, or boiler-plate copy from a CPA website template.
  3. Someone at the firm is responsible for providing content and they don't set aside time to get it done, so they revert to #2.

You could solve these, by working one-on-one with a skilled copywriter who understands the accounting industry to write custom copy for your website, but it's expensive.

Not every firm can throw $15k (or more) at a website redesign, so you have to find ways to do parts of it yourself.

We created this done-with-you course to help firms get good copy, and to get it written in a reasonable time frame, so their website redesign can be a real success.

What You Get

With this 8-Week Guided Course
  • 2-Day
    StoryBrand Live Workshop

    Spend two days with a cohort of fellow firm owners and an experience messaging strategist getting your messaging dialed in.

  • Writing Templates
    For Core Pages

    Wireframe templates for Home, About, Services, Pricing, Careers, Process, Contact, Industry, and Service Detail pages.

  • Review & Feedback
    With Website Strategist

    Two 30-minute calls with website strategy/copywriting expert to help you refine your content site-wide. 

  • Video Coaching
    For Better Writing

    Coaching videos for all the important content on your site to help you write more compelling, effective content for your site.

  • Peer Accountability
    To Get It Done

    Get encouragement and feedback through Slack as you work on your website content at the same time as a group of peers.

  • Build Out (add-on)
    Website Design & Development

    You have the option to have Benchmark design and build out your newly written website at a discounted rate.

What Does It Cost?

$ 2950

We believe in transparency and helping firms make informed decisions.

We know there are both cheaper ways to get a (not so great) website and there are better ways to get a website (fully custom, built by pros), but this course is a way to get a good website, at a lower cost, because you put in the time.

How does this compare to your other options?

  • Use CPA-template site platform with boiler-plate content:
    $1200-$5k per year
  • Write Your Website Course + Build Out
    $2950 course + ~60hrs of your time + $3k design/dev = ~$6k total
  • Hire a StoryBrand copywriter to write the website for you:
    $4k-$8k + the cost of design, dev, and hosting (~$5k) = $10k-$13k
  • Hire us or another website agency to custom design the whole thing:
    $17.5k-$25k (including 1yr hosting and support)

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About Benchmark Growth, Storybrand,
and this Guided Course

The reality is: marketing is expensive.

But you can pay in time, money, or both.

A good website is the cornerstone of an effective marketing program today, but we realize the price point for hiring an agency like ours to custom design your site doesn't make sense for a lot of small firms.

We also have seen a lot of failed website projects because the words on the site were an afterthought. Our goal with this group is to provide the structure, guidance, and accountability to help you write a great website.

A key part of this course is participating in the 2-day StoryBrand Livestream Workshop where I (Matt Banker) will by your Guide and you will be with a cohort of other accounting firm owners.

StoryBrand has developed a framework that helps businesses clarify exactly what they do, who they do it for, and help you craft the sales language you need to effectively communicate with your clients. It is an intense two days of work, but it's one of the best things you can do for your business. To learn more about the StoryBrand Workshop click here.

StoryBrand helps you clarify your messaging, but because it is a framework that can be used by any type of business, it doesn't give you the details on how to write the rest of your website (since different business types need different websites).

That's where this course comes in. We have written dozens of custom accounting firm websites, and through that experience, we've developed a deep understanding of what does and doesn't need to be on a firm's website, and recommendations on what to write for those individual pages.

The videos and templates included in this guided course are the result of us turning that knowledge into something actionable for the DIY firm owner.

This not the only way we work with accounting firms, if you would rather throw money (instead of time) at a problem you can hire us as your marketing agency, learn more on our who we help and how. We also host a 48-week Mastermind Group for Marketing-Hat-Wearers at accounting firms.


Owner & Founder of Benchmark Growth Marketing

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