Next Workshop May 13 - 30 (M-Th-M-Th-Th)

Find Your
Niche Workshop

Discover who your ideal client is and how to position your firm in a Profitable Niche

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The real problem

How to choose the right niche?

You've heard plenty of coaches, influencers, and even other firm owners say "you should find a niche", but they don't tell you how to choose a niche, or more importantly, how to choose the RIGHT niche.

Magnifier glass focus to target  icon which for planning development leadership and customer target group concept.

That’s why we created
this Find Your Niche Workshop

Here are the basic details:

  • Small cohort of no more than 8 firm owners.
  • 3-week course (M, Th, M, Th, Th), May 13th - 30th.
  • Five 75-minute live (on Zoom) workshop calls.
  • 5-10 hours of homework outside the calls.

And at the end of the process, you will have a clear idea of what your niche is, or what it should be. Within two weeks, you will be set to start being able to implement the things that will turn your generalist business into a niche business.

What You Get

When you join the Find Your Niche Workshop
  • Small Cohort

    3-8 other accounting firm owners working on their own niches.

  • 5 Workshop Calls

    Over the course of two weeks (Monday, Thursday, Monday, Thursday, Monday).

  • Niche Identity

    A simple 1-page niche identity document to help you "sell" your niche to your team.

  • Implementation Call

    1-on-1 call (post-workshop) with Matt Banker to map out how to implement your niche. 

What Does It Cost?


We are limiting registration to 8 firms. If you have more than one person participating, we would ask that you share a camera and appoint a leader to be the spokesperson for your firm.

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