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Digital Marketing Has Changed Since 2017

But 95% of Marketing for Accounting Firms is Still Focused on Just 5% of the Market

At any given time, only 5% of your customers are actively looking for a service like yours. The other 95% are happy (or think they’re happy) with another provider, or else they don’t even know they need or want what you’re selling.

To pursue that other 95% of the market, your CPA firm needs to be seen as valuable and easy to do business with. Benchmark Growth is the partner your CPA firm can rely on for digital marketing that promotes your value, expands your visibility, and brings more right-fit clients to your doors.

Build A Marketing Strategy to Get More Clients Through Your Website

(that doesn't include expensive, low-impact keyword SEO or telemarketing)
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    Educate your target market so you're the trusted source for accounting advice.

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    Show up online in the places your ideal clients are looking for accounting solutions.

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    Right-Fit Prospects

    Influence the connections you can best help to start the conversation with you.

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    More Deals

    Reduce friction in the sales cycle and turn more warm leads into sales.

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About Benchmark Growth

When marketing professionals say they can raise your revenue, you expect them to produce results. When all they actually produce are reports that claim various metrics are “looking great” — while revenue is merely looking flat — it’s maddening. Why don’t those metrics and reports equal out to increased revenue?

We started Benchmark Growth Marketing because we wanted to help accounting firms establish a holistic marketing strategy that is measured against revenue, not vanity metrics like "traffic" and "likes". We help you find more of your ideal clients and get more of them excited to start talking with you right now.

What Worked for B2B Marketing in 2017 Doesn’t Work As Well Today

Every agency says they’re “reliable” but we take it a step further. We know when you choose an agency, your own reputation is on the line. So we do our best to make you look like a genius for having hired us.