12-month coaching Group for In-House Marketers at Accounting Firms

  • Proven Strategy

    Learn what to do and what to prioritize for the best marketing ROI

  • Expert Coaching

    Access to experts on messaging, content, social media, email, SEO, and more.

  • Peer Support

    Connect/learn from other owners, marketers, and salespeople in accounting firms

The problem with marketing for

Many accounting
firm owners

  • Don't know what to do.
  • Don't have time to do it.


  • Can't afford to hire an experienced marketer or agency to do it for you.
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"The marketing mastermind group has been a game-changer."

"I always appreciate Matt's welcoming tone and depth of knowledge (and willingness to readily share it!). A collaborative environment and a supportive group of marketers who genuinely care about each other's success — I highly recommend joining this incredible community!"

-Heather Palmero | Kaizen CPAs

"Packed with nuggets of wisdom"

"Attending Matt Banker's weekly mastermind group has been a valuable experience for my professional growth. The meetings are efficiently structured and packed with nuggets of wisdom that I can immediately apply to my business."

-Tom Bade | Accounting Complete

That’s why we created
this Mastermind group

Small accounting firms (2-15 people) can rarely afford to have a full-time "marketing" person.

Instead, someone on their team gets to wear the marketing hat in addition to their other responsibilities, whether that's sales, admin, front desk, or other.

But without a background in marketing, they struggle to know what they should be doing to get the best ROI from their marketing efforts.

This Mastermind Group is for that 'second-hat' marketer. 

We provide the guidance, tools, and accountability for (almost) anyone to execute a marketing strategy for a small accounting firm.

If you have someone on your team who has time to do marketing, but needs help with the what and how, then have them join the group.

Next cohort starts June 26, 2024

What You Get

When you join the Mastermind Group
  • Expanded Firm

    Up to 3 seats per firm (marketing, sales, owner) with access to our private Slack community of others in similar roles, doing marketing for their firms.

  • Weekly Coaching
    Group Zoom Calls

    Every week we have a 1-hour Zoom call to focus on one aspect of your marketing (email, social media, analytics, etc).

  • Quarterly Strategy
    Calls With Firm Owner

    Quarterly calls with the firm owner to review analytics, discuss marketing strategy, and keep everyone on the same page.

  • Grade & Checklist
    For Your Firm

    We help you create a step-by-step plan to build a marketing engine that works for your firm with your resources.

  • Curated Materials
    Books, Courses, & Resources

    4 marketing books, Business Made Simple training videos, messaging templates, pre-written emails, Google ads keywords, content lists, swipe files and more...

  • Industry Insights
    From Other Firms

    Because we only work with other accounting firms, we know what's working and what isn't, and you get to benefit from our access to other firms.

What Does It Cost?

Mastermind Membership


The exact same as the Standard Membership, reserved only for firms who have participated in the Mastermind before.

Mastermind Membership


• 40 Group Coaching Calls
• Quarterly Firm Check-ins
• Private Coaching & Feedback
• Budgeting & Planning Templates
• 4 Marketing Books
• Business Made Simple Subscription
• Mad Woman Media Social Subscription
• Private Slack Channel

Next cohort starts June 26, 2024

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About Benchmark Growth
and this Mastermind Group

(more details)

Through my work with accounting firms, I realized that there are a few different marketing paths that make sense for a small accounting firm, one of which is to hire (or assign) an in-house marketer to be responsible for their marketing efforts.

The problem is, most firm owners don't know what a marketer should be doing, and don't know how to tell if a marketer is doing a good job.

Our goal with this group is to provide the structure, guidance, and accountability for marketing managers in accounting firms to be successful.

We are constantly creating new assets for our members to use, learning from our members about what they struggle with, and helping them solve marketing problems for their firms.

If you are curious about the other ways we help accounting firms with done-for-you marketing and through fractional marketing help, you can learn more on our who we help and how page.


Owner & Founder of Benchmark Growth Marketing

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