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local SEO is important

The 7 Stages of MFAF: Establish Your Address with Local SEO

If you've been following this blog for the past few weeks, you'll know that we've been comparing the process of creating your company's marketing plan to building a house. Last...
fixing your website

The 7 Stages of MFAF: Fixing Your Website

Your home base is the most important piece of your marketing puzzle. For 95% of accounting firms, your website is your home base and is the heart of your marketing. ...
marketing plan for accounting firms

The 7 Stages of MFAF: Creating a Marketing Budget for Accounting Firms

When you create a marketing plan for an accounting firm, you want to think about it like building a house. You need to follow a plan, keep it simple, and...
marketing for accounting firms 1

The 7 Stages of Marketing for Accounting Firms: Stake out Your Foundation

Marketing for accounting firms is just like building a house. You need to follow a plan, keep it simple, and build it step by step. We believe that philosophy so...
press release for accounting firms text

How to Write a Press Release for Accounting Firms

Press Releases: do accounting firms need them? It feels a little self-important right? Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Recently, we had Mickey Kennedy, founder of eReleases who...

How to build a CPA website for CHEAP

A good website is essential for effective marketing. Almost every prospect will spend time on your website before they talk to someone at your firm. Even warm referrals are going...

Niche Accounting Firms Vs Generalist Accounting Firms: Let’s Talk Strategy

When it comes to deciding on marketing for accounting firms, one of the biggest factors that’s going to determine which tactics work best is figuring out if you’re a niche...

CPC: Why You Should Actually Pay More for Your Leads

Popular wisdom has always been to get your CPC down. Why? It means more leads for less money, right? Well, yes… but that doesn’t tell the whole story.  One of...
marketing agency vs cmo

Hiring a Marketing Agency VS a Fractional CMO for Accounting Firms

When it comes to marketing, there are three things that you always have to pay for.  You pay for strategy - Someone has ideas of what your company should do...