Who We Are

Accountants and CPAs make the best clients.

They tend to run successful businesses because they understand their numbers. As expert advisors themselves they value our insights as marketing guides. And they care about their clients and provide a real and valuable service for small businesses, so we feel good about helping them succeed.

When I founded my original agency, Banker Creative, one of my first clients was an accounting firm that found me through a Storybrand message board. They introduced me to a few more accounting firm owners, and we soon realized that because so many firms relied on templated websites and boilerplate messaging, the work that we did for them was especially impactful in helping them generate new business.

In 2021, I decided to go all-in on marketing for accounting firms and launch Benchmark Growth Marketing. Since then we've been focused on understanding and solving the specific challenges that accounting firms face when it comes to marketing. 

That focus has helped us create things like a marketing mastermind for admins and owners who wear the marketing hat in their firm, launch the Marketing for Accounting Firms podcast, and gain insights in how to leverage local SEO and hyper-targeted Google ads campaigns to help generate new business for our clients.

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PASBA vendor of the year

Matt Banker
Founder & Lead Strategist of Benchmark Growth Marketing

Podcast Appearences

Matt hosts a podcast called Marketing for Accounting Firms, and has been a guest on other accounting-focused podcasts to talk about marketing. Here are a few episodes to check out.

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Business Strategy
for CPAs

building the premier firms
Positioning Your Accounting Firm for Success

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

tech talk for accountants
How To Turn Free Advice Into Paying Customers

Tech Talk
4 Accountants

Implementation Team

We use a variety of in-house employees and outsourced contractors to execute effective marketing for our clients.

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Matt Banker

Chief Strategist

Nathan Banker

COO, Account & Project Manager

Kaia Boal

Lead Designer
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Local SEO Specialist

Jonathan (Jonas) Docil

Web Development Lead

Website Team

We share our core team with our sister company Banker Creative which helps us with Storybrand web design for accounting firms.