How Much Will It Cost?

The simple answer is: it depends.

Here's the more in-depth answer: 90% of marketing agencies don't address pricing at all on their websites, and every agency offers somewhat different strategies and services, so it can be difficult to compare one agency to another.

But we understand not all organizations can afford the rates we charge, and we don't want you to waste your time if budget constraints make it unrealistic. We don't "line-item" the services or track directly against hours, but you can use $150/hr as a rough approximation of how we arrive at our fees.

In most cases, price should not be the primary factor in determining who you hire. Marketing agencies are not interchangeable. It's important to find a marketing partner that has the right strategy for your business and has the best chance of generating real ROI.

We have a specific approach to marketing and find that it works best when we do the right things in the right order. Here's how we price our core services:

Fully Outsourced Marketing

Phase 1: Plan

Marketing Roadmap


Our 30-day strategy project, where we create customer personas, develop your core brand messaging, and create an actionable marketing plan.

Phase 2: Prepare

Foundational Projects


These projects vary greatly depending on the needs and goals of our clients, but typically start here:

Simple website: $15k
Large or complicated website: $25k
Proposal or pitch deck template: $4k
Brand identity and logo design: $8k
Content or email writing: $500 per email or page
Targeted marketing campaign:
$10k ($5k Benchmark fees + $5k media spend)

Phase 3: Build

Ongoing Implementation


For ongoing marketing services you'll need to pay for three things 1) someone to lead the strategy, 2) the labor hours it takes to write/design/post stuff, and 3) distribution on platforms like LinkedIn and Google Ads.

You will pay for these things with some sort of combination of your own time, the time of your in-house staff, and by paying freelancers or an outside agency.

(total estimated cost: $80k-$200k per year)

Website Design & Development

Done For You Website Package

Starting at $15k

Our website design packages start at a significantly higher price than any of the other accounting-specific website platforms like CPA Site Solution, Rootworks, or CountingWorks Pro. The reason is, we offer something entirely different. Our custom website packages start with us helping you to develop your core marketing message and write the words for your website, then we create a fully custom-designed website (no templates) so you don't look like every other firm, and build it on a modern, easy to manage WordPress platform that you can manage yourself, or hire us to manage for you.

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Marketing Mastermind Group

12-Month Mastermind Group


A 12-Month coaching group to help in-house marketers at accounting firms level up their skills and produce better, more sustainable results for their firms. Weekly coaching calls, marketing asset templates, peer accountability and support, quarterly strategy calls with firm owners and a Benchmark Growth strategist and more.

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Fractional CMO

Starting at


One of our senior strategists acts as your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. Participates in leadership meetings, manages your marketing budget, leads your marketing team, and oversees your marketing strategy. We are selective about who we take on as Fractional CMO clients because of the level of investment and trust that is required. If you are interested in learning more about what this sort of engagement looks like, the next step is to schedule an introduction call with our Senior Strategist. 

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Marketing Implementation Support

Fractional Content Manager


A part-time writer to help you write blog articles, write emails, create social media posts, edit video, and/or edit audio for podcasts.

Fractional Designer


A part-time designer to help design web graphics and print material.

Local SEO


Get ranked better for local Google searches and show up more often in the map-pack. 

Ads Management


Google search, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. (fee does not include ad spend).

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