How Healthy Is Your Firm's Marketing?

Marketing Health Check-Up: A 1-hour strategy session to help you understand how you are doing compared to other similar sized firms

Here's What You Get

In this 1-Hour Check-up Call

  • Marketing Audit

    Get feedback on how strong your website, social media, SEO, etc. really are.

  • Cost of Acquisition Target

    Learn what should be considered a reasonable cost for you to acquire new clients through marketing based on your fee structure.

  • ROI Calculation

    Understand how to calculate if your current marketing is worth the cost and if you're spending on the right things.

  • Recommended Marketing Budget

    Get an idea of what your marketing budget needs to be in order to reach your revenue/new business goals.

  • Next Steps for Marketing

    Get a list of recommended tactics to focus on in the next 12 months to improve your marketing. 

How does it work?

When you click on the link below you'll be asked for 3 things:

  • 1

    Choose a Time

    Pick a time that works for you from the calendar and schedule your Marketing Health Check-Up. 

  • 2

    Complete Pre-Call Survey

    Fill out all of the survey questions as completely as possible. This will allow us to move quickly through the diagnostics and spend more time on questions and recommendations.

  • 2

    Pay Your Fee

    You pay for your Check-Up at the time of scheduling. If you need to reschedule, just reply to the invite and we will happily find another time that works for you.

What does it cost?


If you have any questions, email: