Accounting Complete

Accounting Complete is a long-term client of Banker Creative. We originally designed at built their website in the spring of 2020, and refreshed their website again in the fall of 2022. As their name suggests, they are an accounting firm who focus on helping businesses outsource their financial needs.



No one goes into business thinking, “I can’t wait to do bookkeeping for this business!” If you’re a carpenter, you want to build. If you’re a consultant, you want to meeting with people. If you’re a non-profit, you want to help. Accounting complete needed to find a way to position itself as the solution to the menial tasks that distract business owns from what they really love while also inspiring them to imaging what their business could become.


Most business accounting firms position themselves in one of two lanes, either they want to be business advisors that help their clients be more profitable, or they take things off their client’s plates, so the owner can focus on more important things.

Accounting Complete recognized that the way their business was set up, with easy-to-understand, set packages, and established processes, they were primarily a “take stuff off your plate” firm.

In the redesign, we spent a lot of time clarifying the 3 services packages they offer, and aligned the core messaging to say “We Make Business Easier for You”.

Using the Storybrand framework, we identified their target audience: small business owners. Second, we empathized with them by recognizing how many hats a business owner typically wears. Third, we painted a picture of what success could look like: less stress when it comes to your accounting.

From there we used value stacks, a 3-step plan, and pictures of smiling people to communicate one thing: “You can trust us.”


The refreshed home page design with new messaging for Accounting Complete website went live in November 2022. Their team across the board felt that it fit who they were and how they delivered services much better, and gave them more confidence when they promoted their firm to prospects.

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