Why We Don’t Sell SEO Services

3 reasons we have stopped selling SEO as a digital marketing agency.

  1. SEO takes a long time, is expensive, and is very competitive for most of our clients.
    We do marketing for B2B service companies and in most cases the high-intent keywords are out of reach for 12-18 months. That’s a long time to be spending $2500/m before seeing real results.
  2. We can go directly to their ideal customer with LinkedIn targeting.
    High-quality content creation is still the core of our marketing strategy, but for B2B companies you can guarantee your content gets into the feeds of your ideal customers by using paid ads and targeting on LinkedIn by job title, industry, company size, and geography.
  3. SEO doesn’t generate demand
    SEO fundamentally requires a client to be problem aware and believe that a solution exists. It captures demand. Intent must have already been created in the mind of a prospect. We want our customers to be in the minds of their prospects BEFORE they are ready to buy. We want to be creating demand by educating prospects and build trust in the process.

That doesn’t mean we ignore SEO. It’s still a powerful tool for the right businesses, and we still do basic on-page SEO best practices when we post blog articles for us and our clients, and leverage local SEO for some clients. We also see that improved SEO is still often a by-product of our content strategy, it’s just not the focal point.